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Our Complete Internet Marketing Promotion can help you achieve high search engine rankings and easily get found through internet and voice search for your products and services. Put your business on the worldwide landscape and start your marketing campaign to increase your brand awareness . Your internet marketing package includes the following:

Web Design
The Internet Has Gone Mobile

Your website will be developed using the latest HTML5 technologies available, ensuring your website will be spamproof and free from malware attacks that can highjack and destroy your website. Using this more secure platform allows me to design a great looking, mobile ready website that functions across all platforms.

Get Found On Search

Both On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization are vital components for your websites ability to be found and correctly indexed for listings on the major search engines. You’ll receive monthly benchmark reports on the status of your keyword rankings and on-page optimization score and overall health and analytic reports that show site visitors.

Social Media
Building an Internet Community

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages are created that features monthly articles about what’s new and trending within your industry as well as your business news. Keeping clients and prospects updated and educated about your products and services is the best way of keeping them interested and coming back.

Video Marketing
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Video marketing is the most effective way to promote your products and services. Your video will engage them for a substantial amount of time, gaining the trust of the prospect, which is the fastest way to convert your audience into happy customers and clients. Corporate videos showcasing your company and its services helps increase brand awareness.


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My name is Steven Applewhite. I am a freelance marketing consultant that specializes in web design and digital marketing services for businesses looking to promote their products and services through internet marketing. As we begin 2017, exciting things are in store for companies that will be using the internet and digital marketing , reaching many times more prospects than with traditional media advertising.

My focus is helping you to establish brand recognition for your company by providing cost effective marketing services that will help grow your business by reaching the demographic that are using the internet to find what they’re looking for. That includes your products, services, and events.

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Our Complete Internet Marketing Services Promotion can help you achieve high search engine rankings and easily get found through local and voice search for your products and services. Let's put your business on the worldwide landscape and start your marketing campaign and increase your brand recognition.

A few years ago, internet marketing was looked at as more of a technical practice, something that was handled behind the scenes. Now, it has taken a much more active, consumer-driven role. There is no denying that internet marketing is important to your business if you want your brand to succeed online, while establishing a greater web presence and brand recognition.



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